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Products Liability

When residents of Fulton County hear of products being recalled, their thoughts might first turn to items such as dangerous medications or defective child care products. Yet what many of them don’t realize is that literally millions of everyday products both on store shelves and being used consumers are recalled every year. However, many of those items go on being used and even sold simply because information is often not delivered effectively through the appropriate channels in order to ensure that defective products are taken out of circulation.

One product industry whose recall standards have recently come into question is the tire business. According to the publication Tire Business, over 630,300 tires were recalled in 2014. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration oversees tire recalls. Yet drivers and consumers are often left unaware of any problems with the tires that they currently may be considering purchasing or even using. That’s because if they don’t specifically search for tire recall information from local tire retailers or the NHTSA itself, they typically won’t ever know if certain tires are included in a recall.

Based upon the following information shared by ABC News, even tire maintenance companies may have difficulty knowing if the tires that they’re servicing are included in a recall. The standard identifying number for a particular tire is its Department of Transportation Tire Identification Number, an 11 or 12 digit number printed on the sidewall that gives specific information regarding its design and manufacturing date. However, the NHTSA does not keep a database in which car owners, retailers, or service providers can enter a tire’s DOT TIN number to see if it’s been recalled. Rather, they have to themselves search for specific recall information and see if their tires’ DOT TINs are included.

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