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White Collar Crimes

Advocacy in Connection with White Collar Criminal Charges

White Collar Crimes are usually prosecuted in federal court, though occasionally state prosecutors will bring charges involving a white-collar crime. The lawyers at Garland, Samuel & Loeb are experienced in handling the defense of a white-collar prosecution.

There is no “legal” definition of a white-collar crime.  Generally, white collar crimes are characterized by a crime that alleges theft or fraud – in other words, rather than a violent crime, or a drug or a sex offense. Typical white-collar crimes are significant fraud offenses involving large financial frauds. Often, the defendant is a professional (banker, public official, doctor, lawyer, or business professional). Generally, there is no violence involved. The victims (including a government agency, such as Medicare, or the IRS) lose money; there are no personal injuries or violence involved. Often, the defense will retain experts to assist in the defense, including forensic accountants, or medical billing experts who can help unravel the intricacies of Medicare billing.

If a defendant is convicted of a white-collar crime, sentencing ranges in federal court will often reflect the amount of money that the victim (including the government or a bank) lost and the role the defendant played in perpetrating the offense. The court will also take into account the defendant’s occupation (lawyer, doctor, accountant) in deciding what sentence to impose.

GSL has been in existence for over 40 years and over this period of time criminal defense attorneys have scored numerous victories in white-collar cases: 

  • prosecutors who have agreed not to pursue charges; 
  • settlements that result in no jail time; 
  • acquittals at trial in both state and federal court 

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