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John Garland, a partner at the law firm of Garland, Samuel, & Loeb, comes from a long line of trial lawyers including his father Ed Garland, and grandfather Reuben A. Garland. From this heritage came three cherished tenets: advocate vigorously for the Client, put the Client’s interests above all else, and respect the great responsibility of the lawyer’s role as last and only guardian of the Client’s freedom.

John has over a decade of experience trying complex criminal cases in both State and Federal Courts. Some of John’s notable recent cases include a not guilty verdict in federal court for the former CFO of a paper importing company accused of conspiring with others to avoid paying approximately $17 million in import duties; a not guilty verdict for a former daycare operator charged with 2nd-degree murder after a child in her care was strangled to death by a length of twine; and a successful challenge to the constitutionality of a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence imposed in federal court pursuant to the Armed Career Criminal Act, resulting in his client’s immediate release from federal prison.

John Garland graduated magna cum laude from the University of Vermont in 2000, and cum laude from the University of Georgia school of law in 2004. After graduation, John joined the law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb where he focuses on advocacy at the trial level, including criminal defense, personal injury, and product liability.

Some of John's other notable cases include:

April 2014 – Client facing life in prison found not guilty: A Fulton County jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts for a client facing life in prison on charges of Malice Murder, two counts of Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a felony, and attempted sale of drugs. In a case that centered on the issue of self-defense, John Garland and Kristen Novay were able to obtain key rulings from the court to exclude irrelevant and prejudicial evidence, eventually leading to the dismissal of one of the Felony Murder counts as well as the Drug count before the case ever went to the Jury. During the cross-examination of the State’s key witnesses, Mr. Garland and Ms. Novay were able to demonstrate the contradictions and inherent unreliability of the State’s claims. Furthermore, Ms. Novay and Mr. Garland were able to locate, subpoena and bring to the stand a police officer who provided testimony that further undermined the credibility of the State’s claims. After over 24hrs of deliberations the Jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts.

February 2014 - Probation for alleged ringleader in APS cheating case: John, along with Don Samuel, represented the former principal of Parks Middle School in the Atlanta Public Schools case brought by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. John’s client was alleged to have been one the ringleaders in a multi-year, multi-defendant RICO conspiracy to systematically cheat and change answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) of Atlanta Public School students. John, along with counsel for the co-defendants, challenged the constitutionality of the investigative process. John and Don were able to resolve their client’s case without any conviction, as well as avoiding jail time and serving only 5 years on probation.

January 2013 - Georgia Supreme Court holds government wiretapping procedure unlawful: As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Daily Report, and Atlanta's local National Public Radio affiliate WABE, the Georgia Supreme Court held a government wiretapping procedure was unlawful and ruled to suppress wiretap evidence in a Gwinnett County ecstasy trafficking prosecution. John Garland argued the case to the Supreme Court for all three defendants, including his client. In a unanimous decision, the Court held that a Gwinnett County judge may not issue a wiretap order that allows the police to wiretap cell phones absent proof that the cell phone was used in Gwinnett County, or that the calls would be monitored in Gwinnett County. The Gwinnett County District Attorney's office dismissed all charges pending against Mr. Garland's client.

November 2010 - Charges dropped against mix-tape DJ: John represented Atlanta-based Hip-Hop deejay, on RICO charges arising out of allegations that he produced mix tapes without the proper authorization from the artists and labels.  John was able to negotiate a resolution that resulted in the State dropping all charges against his client.

June 2010 - Child molestation charges dropped: John represented a father in Cherokee County who was accused of sexually molesting his daughter.  After John developed the many factual inconsistencies and impossibilities in the daughter’s allegations, the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute the case.

May 2010 - Charges dropped against couple charged with burning mother alive: John, along with his father and attorney Richard Grossman, represented a husband and wife who were accused of intentionally setting a fire in the basement of their home in Peachtree City that resulted in burns to the husband’s mother that lead to the mother’s death.  As reported in The Fayette Daily News, FOX5 TV News and the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, all charges against the couple were dropped.  In the AJC article by Marcus Garner, John A. Garland stated that "the facts overwhelmingly support the determination that the mother’s death was a tragic accident and his clients are innocent."

March 2008 - Televangelist case resolved without a conviction: John represented a Televangelist on charges of aggravated assault based on the allegation that he attacked his wife and fellow Televangelist. Facing a potential 20 years in prison, John and Ed Garland were able to resolve the case without a conviction by negotiating a first offender disposition with one year of probation and community service.

January 2007 - Home confinement for former MBC Financial Aid Director: John represented the former Financial Aid Director of Morris Brown University, in Federal Court in the Northern District of Georgia against the accusation that Mr. Singh committed financial aid fraud that led to the collapse of Morris Brown University. Though he was facing years in prison, John and Ed Garland negotiated a plea that resulted in 18 months home confinement.

August 2006 - Atlanta Police Officer avoids life in prison: John represented a former City of Atlanta Police Officer in both Federal and State court on multiple charges including violation of oath of office and felony murder stemming from the shooting death of Kathryn Johnston by City of Atlanta Police in her home in Atlanta in 2006. Facing overwhelming evidence of guilt and possible life imprisonment, John and Ed Garland negotiated a plea that resulted in 10 years of incarceration.

August 2006 - Federal drug charges dismissed: John represented a woman facing federal charges in the Northern District of Georgia for possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, as well as the possession of a firearm during the commission of crime. After extensive negotiation with the government, all charges were dropped against John’s client.

Georgia, 2004

U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia, 2004

U.S. District Court Middle District of Georgia, 2006

Georgia Court of Appeals, 2011

University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Georgia

J.D. 2004

Honors: cum laude

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

B.A. 2000

Honors: magna cum laude

State Bar of Georgia, 2004 to Present

American Bar Association, 2004 to Present

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2004 to Present

Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2004 to Present

American Association for Justice, 2004 to Present

Georgia Association of Trial Lawyers, 2004 to Present

Atlanta Bar Association, 2004 to Present

Super Lawyers - Rising Star - 2013-2017

Legal Elite - Georgia Trend Magazine, 2012-2015

Georgia Bar Journal - Georgia's Legal Legacies - 2008