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Our Successes

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Obtaining Results For Our Clients

For decades, Atlanta-based Garland, Samuel & Loeb has pursued one goal: obtaining justice for every client who walks through our door. Our team of lawyers has a reputation for excellence that is widely recognized and respected in Georgia and beyond.


  • GSL Secures Dismissal of Murder Charges

    Partners Don Samuel and Amanda Clark Palmer have been representing Claud "Tex" McIver since 2017. He was charged with Malice Murder and Felony Murder (and other crimes) related to the shooting death of his wife Diane. Along with attorney Bruce Harvey, Don and Amanda vigorously defended the case at trial. After a two-month trial and days of jury deliberations, the jury returned a confounding verdict: they found Tex Not Guilty of Malice Murder but guilty of intentionally shooting his wife and causing her death. The verdict was appealed.

    In 2022, a unanimous Supreme Court found that several errors were made by the trial court which required a new trial. (McIver v. State, 314 Ga. 109 (2022) read the opinion here)

    Prior to the retrial, GSL successfully argued that the state could not introduce any evidence that Tex intended to kill his wife or that he had any financial motive in shooting her. This important ruling, restricting the state's trial presentation, led the state to immediately file an appeal, bringing a halt to the retrial. Subsequently, GSL was able to obtain a dismissal of the remaining felony murder charge and a plea to a reduced charge of Involuntary Manslaughter (meaning Tex did not intend to shoot or kill his wife).

    Read the AJC article here

  • Garland, Samuel & Loeb Secures Sentence of a Year and a Day for Client who Stole 53,000 Bitcoins Worth up to $3.4 Billion

    In 2021, John Garland, Amanda Clark Palmer, and Don Samuel, defended a man from Gainesville who was charged with wire fraud involving stealing 53,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road darknet market in 2012. When the Government' seized the bitcoin they were worth roughly $3.4 billion, making it the second largest financial seizure in US history. The GSL team was able to secure a negotiated plea which resulted in a prison sentence of a year and a day. GSL's client will likely serve only five months in custody.

  • Success in Convincing Government to Dismiss RICO charges and allow Accountant for the Gold Club to Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor with Non-Reporting Probation for 12 months

    Don Samuel was counsel for the Chief Financial Officer in The Gold Club Trial. The trial began as a major organized crime, RICO prosecution, but resulted in a misdemeanor plea for his client in the fourteenth week of trial with a sentence of 12 months non-reporting probation.

  • Federal Judge Dismisses Charge of Murder for Hire Against Jim Sullivan

    Don Samuel was counsel in the case of US v. Sullivan, in which the defendant was charged with hiring a hit man to murder his wife. His wife was killed by a man delivering roses to her house. The case was tried in the United States District Court in Atlanta and the judge dismissed the charges at the close of the government's case, granting a directed verdict of not guilty.

  • Jury Acquits Doctor of all Charges in Assisted Suicide Prosecution

    In 2011, Don Samuel and Kristen Novay were counsel in the successful defense of Dr. Lawrence Egbert, the founder and medical director of Final Exit Network. Dr. Egbert was prosecuted for voluntary manslaughter in Phoenix, Arizona. The State alleged that Dr. Egbert and the Final Exit Network were involved in assisting hundreds of people commit suicide. Following a three-week trial, the jury returned a not guilty verdict.

  • Judge Tosses Obstruction of Justice Charges Against President of Local Chapter of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

    In 2014, Don Samuel, along with Kristen Novay, was appointed by the federal court to represent the southern regional president of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club on charges of obstruction of justice in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia. At the conclusion of the trial, their client was found not guilty of all charges by the judge who directed a verdict of not guilty.

  • Acquittal of Police Officer Charged with Murder

    In 2019 and with his partner Amanda Clark Palmer, Don Samuel represented Robert “Chip” Olsen, a Dekalb County police officer who was charged with two counts of murder and lesser charges of assault and violating his oath of office. Following trial and six days of deliberations, the jury acquitted Olsen of both murder counts and found him guilty of the lesser charges.

  • Georgia Supreme Court Reverses Murder Conviction and Adopts the “Cumulative Error” Rule For All Future Cases

    In 2020, Don Samuel persuaded the Georgia Supreme Court to adopt the “cumulative error” rule in criminal appeals, which requires the appellate court to reverse a conviction if several errors in the trial court rendered the trial unfair, even if any one of the errors, viewed in isolation, did not support a reversal. State v. Lane, 308 Ga. 10 (2020).

  • Georgia Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction in the Case of Tex McIver

    In 2022, Don Samuel and his partner, Amanda Clark Palmer, succeeded in appealing and overturning the murder conviction of Claude “Tex” McIver. In a unanimous decision of the Georgia Supreme Court, the Court held that the trial court erred in permitting the prosecution to introduce various theories of motive for the alleged murder that had no factual support and also failed to properly instruct the jury on the possible lesser offense of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter. McIver v. State, 314 Ga. 109 (2022).

    Closing Argument at Trial

  • When Failure to Respond Emergently is to Blame

    Robin and Hunter represented a family where an expectant mother came to the Hospital suspecting that she felt amniotic fluid leaking. The baby was moving, and once again the tracing was characterized as a Category 2 tracing, but nothing was done to improve it. Eventually, the patient’s OB was called, but when the doctor failed to appear timely, no call to the hospitalist working at the facility was made to ensure an emergent Caesarean Section. When the patient’s OB did finally arrive at the bedside, the fetal monitoring was discontinued, but delivery was further delayed, resulting in a devastating brain injury. Robin and Hunter negotiated a multi-million dollar settlement for the family.

  • Verdict for Full Value of the Life of a Construction Worker

    Robin and Ed tried a case for the death of a construction worker when he was killed in the emergency lane of the highway by an 18-wheeler. Despite low income numbers, the jury found the life of the decedent to be so exemplary and joyous that they awarded millions of dollars in damages, and another one million dollars for pain and suffering for one second of fear suffered by the decedent when he realized the truck was headed toward him.

  • Supreme Court Victory Protects Plaintiff’’s Rights

    Robin represented a victim of medical malpractice when, during discovery, new evidence was found of violations of hospital policy. The Hospital fought against the addition of the new claims. Litigating through the Court of Appeals and to the Georgia Supreme Court, Robin successfully clarified the Georgia law on when new claims “relate back” to the claims known at the time suit is filed.

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