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Mortgage Fraud


Home Buyer and Broker Fraud Defense Lawyers

Mortgage fraud is a serious offense that can be punishable by substantial fines and jail time. If you are facing charges for your involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme, be sure that you have strong representation from a qualified Georgia mortgage fraud attorney.

At the criminal defense law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb, we represent clients in a broad range of state and federal mortgage fraud cases, including the filing of fraudulent loan applications or documentation, procuring or submitting fraudulent appraisals and many others. Our clients have included buyers, appraisers, real estate brokers and mortgage company representatives.

Fighting to Protect Your Freedom

Our attorneys have extensive experience in mortgage fraud cases. When you hire our team, we conduct a complete investigation of your case and review all of the evidence against you. Mortgage Fraud cases frequently hinge on several key issues:

  • When the Government believes a misrepresentation was made in a loan application, we work to demonstrate that the statements were true and correct.
  • When the case turns on the accused party’s intent we present the strongest possible argument that you acted in good faith and that you had no intent to break the law.
  • When the prosecution takes the position that the accused played a major role in committing the fraud, we work to demonstrate that you were an unknowing participant in the mortgage fraud scheme. Regardless of the allegations or the strength of the Government’s case, we always fight to obtain the best possible resolution on your behalf.

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Contact our office today to discuss your mortgage fraud case. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times.