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What Are The Different Types Of Automotive Defects?

As a Georgian driver, you may be wondering what types of automotive defects you need to look out for. We at Garland, Samuel & Loeb understand that the safety of vehicles can determine the comfort of the driver, and would like to provide you with some common auto defects.

Unfortunately, most auto defects are very difficult to spot with the naked eye if you don’t already know what you are looking for. They tend to be structural integrity issues, or problems with the inner workings of the vehicle. For example, internal defects can include:

  • Poor brakes that do not stop the vehicle
  • Poor accelerators resulting in unintended speed
  • Doors with faulty locks or latches, leading to ejection
  • Seatbelts that do not properly restrain occupants

Structural issues include the design of the vehicle itself. For example, a car with weak roof pillars might crumple in a rollover. Likewise, some cars have top-heavy designs that make them more prone to rolling. Badly designed tires can blow out on the road, which may lead to accidents. Defects like these are the reason why it is important to carefully review any vehicle that you intend to purchase. While they may not be immediately visible, the reviews of the car will mention if there are any known structural problems or internal issues. In some cases, cars may even be recalled if their issues are well-known or cause a great deal of damage.

If you would like to read more about unsafe vehicles and the potential issues you may have as a driver, please visit our web page.

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