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Faulty Ignition Switch In G.M. Vehicles Linked To 12 Deaths

Imagine driving your car in the middle of a busy freeway in Fulton County and unexpectedly and without warning, it turns off. With other vehicles traveling at freeway speeds all around you, you cannot simply wait for the car to come to a stop; you must react before being ran over.

This nightmare scenario has taken place across the country for multiple General Motors vehicle owners and has led to the death of 12 people in the last decade. One driver told the story of how she feared for her life after her 2003 Saturn Ion stalled on the freeway twice. Another driver of a 2006 Saturn Ion said the car behaves as if the key was being turned off. Since 2003, safety regulators have reportedly had 70 complaints about Ions shutting off while being driven.

The issue seems to be with a faulty ignition switch in several G.M. models. G.M. recently admitted to hearing about the problem in 2001 instead of in 2004 which they had previously said. The company recalled the 2007 Pontiac G5 and 2005-7 Chevy Cobalt in February and then almost two weeks later added four more models to the recall list due to faulty ignition switches.

If you were injured or have a loved one who was killed due to a faulty ignition in a G.M. vehicle, you may wish to speak with an attorney about filing a products liability lawsuit. This may help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and other expenses.

Source: Yahoo Finance, “G.M. Reveals It was Told of Ignition Defect in ’01,” Danielle Ivory, Mar. 13, 2014

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