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What Are The Effects Of Anesthesia Errors?

When Georgians such as yourself go into surgery that requires anesthesia, you are placing your trust in the anesthesiologist. However, that anesthesiologist may make mistakes like any other person. But what can an anesthesia error mean for you?

The U.S. National Institutes of Health states that anesthesia errors are much more common than they are often thought to be. Different types of mistakes include incorrect dosage such as under or overdosing. Considering anesthesia can have unpleasant side effects even when it is administered properly, it can have grave consequences if mistakes are made during the administration process. This can include:

  • Strokes or seizures
  • Blood pressure and pulse issues
  • Damage to the organs, brain or nerves
  • Blurred vision, tinnitus or dizziness

In some cases, anesthesia errors may even be lethal. For example, if a dose is too high, it is possible for you to enter a coma or suffer from irreversible damage to the nervous system or soft tissues. In a worst case scenario, this can eventually result in death.

On the other hand, if a dose is too low, it is possible for the patient to wake up during the procedure. This is not common, but there have still been reported cases. However, overdoses are generally more likely to occur.

There are some situations in which you will have no choice but to go under in order for a surgical procedure to be accomplished. If you experience any poor effects afterwards, you may better be able to identify the signs of an anesthesia error.

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