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What Are Some Facts About Rollover Accidents?

Georgia drivers such as yourself have likely heard of rollover accidents before, but you may not know many of the statistics relating to them. For example, when do rollover accidents occur and how common are they?

When it comes to rollover accidents, the vast majority happen during normal everyday driving situations. The American Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that sudden swerving is the cause of many rollover accidents. This swerving can happen for any reason, such as avoiding stopped cars, animals or people who run across the road. It can occur moments of panic where you overcorrect your car after it veers off the side of the road.

It is estimated that 40 percent of all rollovers have a factor of speed involved, with three out of four fatal accidents occurring at a speed of 55 mph or above. This means that the faster you drive, the worse your rollover could be, which is not surprising, given the fact that the amount of force in an accident is affected by how quickly your car is traveling. Statistics also show that around 50 percent of all fatal rollover accidents involve alcohol in some way, though this is not necessarily indicative of the driver being above the legal limit. Load weight, including the number of people in a car or the weight of items being transported, can also play a role.

In regard to the frequency, rollover accidents are not that common. It was only reported that 1 in every 40 vehicles was involved in a rollover accident. However, one of every three passenger deaths happened in rollover accidents, making this one of the most deadly types of accidents that you could get in. Even though 80 percent of rollovers only involve one car, the fatality rate can still be high.

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