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Rainy Conditions A Factor In Fatal Car Accident In Forsyth County

Poor weather conditions are one of the leading causes of car accidents in Atlanta. When the weather is bad, drivers are advised to slow down, pay close attention to the road conditions, and give themselves extra time to reach their destinations. The poor road conditions caused by the weather can increase the potential chances of drivers losing control of their vehicles. Those who choose to ignore that possibility are not only putting themselves at risk, but also the other drivers on the road around them. If and when accidents do occur, the results can be fatal.

Such was the case with a recent accident involving two cars driving in rainy conditions in Forsyth County. Investigators believe that the slick road conditions caused a woman to lose control of her sedan, which slid into the opposite lane and into the path of an oncoming minivan. It has not been reported if excessive speed contributed to the driver’s loss of control. Sadly, the woman and her young daughter were killed as a result of the accident. The sedan’s other passenger and the occupants of the minivan were transported to area hospitals, where they were all treated for minor injuries.

If it’s proven that a car accident was the result of a driver’s unsafe driving in hazardous weather conditions, the victims of that accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries from the driver’s insurance company. Anyone seeking such compensation may wish to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows what to expect in such cases.

Source: “Mother, child die; 3 hurt in 2-vehicle wreck in south Forsyth” Aldo Nahed, August 8, 2013

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