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Premises Liability Lawsuit Filed Against College Following Attack

As a student in college in Fulton County, Georgia, one of your biggest concerns should be passing your classes in order to graduate with your degree. However, for one college student, his biggest concern became his own safety while attending college in suburban Philadelphia.

The student was attacked on the campus of Villanova University on September 16, 2012. Because he says the area where the assault occurred was dimly lit and had no emergency call boxes or surveillance cameras, he believes the college was negligent and should be held accountable for the attack.

He recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against the school claiming that the university knew that students were in harm’s way while on campus because prior to the assault, there had been many reports of criminal activity occurring at the school. He argued that the school should have provided additional security on campus. He is suing for delay and compensatory damages along with interest and lawyer’s fees.

The student required hours of surgery on his nose and face following the attack and will need more surgeries in the future to fix the damage inflicted by the assailant. He also suffered psychological trauma and severe emotional distress along with fractures and herniations.

This incident most likely could have been avoided had the school taken the proper safety and security precautions. The student was no doubt let down by the university’s negligence. Hopefully his lawsuit will enable him to receive proper compensation for his pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Student attacked on campus sues Villanova University for negligent supervision,” Jon Campisi, Mar. 31, 2014

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