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Atlanta Synthetic Pot Distributor Charged In Wrongful Death Suit

An Atlanta family recently filed a lawsuit, thought to be the first of its kind, against the purported distributor of the synthetic drug that had a hand in the death of their teenage son. The wrongful death suit was filed against the distributor of “Mojo Diamond Extreme 100X Potpourri,” a type of synthetic marijuana.

In early March, the teen was found dead in a hot tub. Next to the tub where the teenager drowned, an open bag of the “potpourri” was discovered. The lawsuit contends that the individual named in the suit sold the product to a convenience store in Peachtree City. The teen then purchased the synthetic drug from the convenience store.

This type of drug was banned in Georgia in April, due to the teen’s death. The law prohibiting the sale of the product, named Chase’s Law after the teen, forbids the use of “Spice,” a substance composed both of plant material and chemicals similar to THC. THC is the active ingredient found in marijuana.

Despite the ban, distributors of synthetic marijuana soon found a way to skirt the law. The distributors hired chemists who were able to change the molecular structure of the drug, bypassing the prohibitions in the law.

Since then, the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy has classified the new structure as a Schedule I substance. Under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, police officers are allowed to confiscate the drug, but are not permitted to arrest those in control of the substance.

When faced with a tragic situation such as the one in this case, it is often difficult for parents to know how to proceed. Consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will ensure that just compensation is received.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ” Alleged synthetic pot distributor sued in teen’s death,” Christian Boone, August 28, 2012.

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