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Atlanta Mattress Company’s Rebuilt Mattresses Pose Fire Hazard

A recent product recall shows how some rebuilt, refurbished or defective products can create a risk for consumer injury or death if the products are not manufactured according to federal safety laws. About 1,500 mattresses that have been sold in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for not meeting federal flammability standards.

The renovated mattresses, made by the American Mattress Manufacturing Company, are used mattresses which have been stripped to the springs and rebuilt with new fabrics. Last year, CBS Atlanta News commissioned a laboratory to test mattresses refurbished by the Atlanta-based mattress company. In the test, the mattresses caught fire when exposed to an open flame, and within minutes had become fully engulfed in flame.

The CPSC states that these mattresses are a violation of federal open-flame standard laws. The product recall encourages consumers to contact the mattress company to have their defective mattresses picked up and refurbished according to federal flammability standards. Not included in the recall are rebuilt mattresses that already have a federal tag, which indicates that they are already manufactured to federal safety standards.

The American Mattress Manufacturing Company is complying with CPSC and federal conditions by taking back the defective mattresses and rebuilding them to meet flammability standards. In order to prevent a tragedy from occurring because of a dangerous product, consumers need to be aware of the recalls on the market as well as follow the instructions included in the product recall.

Georgia residents who have been injured by a defective product should also be aware of their right to pursue compensation. The purpose of a product liability lawsuit is to let individuals recover financially from injuries suffered because of the negligence of manufacturers or distributors.

Source:, “CPSC announces recall of dangerous mattresses exposed by CBS Atlanta News,” Jeff Chirico, Dec. 13, 2012

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