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A Look At Head-on Collision Studies From Recent Years

Drivers in Georgia are likely aware of direct collisions, otherwise known as head-on collisions. These accidents occur when one car hits another from the front, and because of the angle of impact, they can be extremely dangerous.

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program has stated that head-on collisions are more prevalent in rural areas. 75 percent of these accidents happen on rural roads, with 83 percent of those accidents occurring on two-lane undivided roads. Generally speaking, undivided roads prove to be more dangerous in these situations. Undivided roads do not have any markings or barriers indicating the separation between lanes heading in opposite directions.

Additionally, it was stated by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration that most fatal head-on collisions also occurred in rural areas. In the urban areas, head-on collisions make up 7 percent of all fatal accidents. However, that number jumps up to 11 percent on rural roads. Fatalities could increase due to the distance between an accident scene and the hospital in rural areas. There are also larger vehicles to potentially run into in rural locations, including trucks or tractors.

The most common reason for head-on collisions is “unintentional maneuvering”. This can include falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, or avoiding dangers such as animals darting into the road. Unfortunately, overcorrecting can become deadly when it involves lanes going in opposite directions.

For these reasons, head-on collisions are not the most common type of accident. However, they can be deadly and can happen with very little warning.

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