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Treating A Concussion Post-accident

After being concussed in a car accident, it is important for Missouri drivers to take care of themselves so that they do not exacerbate the injury. Here are a few tips that can be employed when it comes to treating a concussion.

As stated by Mayo Clinic, the number one treatment for concussions is rest. Unfortunately, there are no pills that can be taken to help the healing process. Because of this, rest is the only way that the brain can slowly recover from any trauma. It is important to rest both mentally and physically. This means:

  • No playing sports
  • No taking part in rigorous physical activity
  • No lifting heavy weights
  • Avoiding video games, texting or using computers
  • Leaving school work and reading for later

Essentially, anything that could cause strain on the body or mind should be avoided. Excessive thinking is discouraged as well, as are activities that may induce eye strain and headaches. It is recommended that students with concussions get a doctor’s note in order to possibly lessen their workload during their recovery period.

Healthline states that the symptoms of concussions can be managed, even if there is no cure besides rest. Migraines, headaches and general soreness can occur after a concussion. Pain relievers with acetaminophen can be used to combat those symptoms, such as Tylenol. Pain relievers with ibuprofen or aspirin can potentially increase the risk of bleeding, which is why they should be avoided.

Fortunately, concussion recovery periods usually do not last that long. In some cases, especially for children, normal activity can be resumed within a day. However, it is best for people to follow their doctor’s recommendations for recovery periods.

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