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Thousands Injured In Work Zone Accidents Every Year

Work zones, especially along major freeways, have become such a common sight in Georgia that it can be easy for drivers to not even realize they’re in a construction zone–that is, until traffic has suddenly come to a stop or the lane they’re driving in closes. Consequently, construction zones are dangerous for motorists and construction workers alike.

According to State Farm, about 40,000 people are injured every year in construction zone auto accidents. Reckless or distracted drivers may be responsible for a great deal of these collisions. Some drivers might not pay attention to the reduced speed limit in a work zone, and can get into a crash by speeding or weaving between lanes. Distracted drivers might not notice that traffic has stopped ahead or that lanes are blocked off. As a result, rear-end collisions are the most common type of accident in a construction zone.

Truck drivers also present a great danger to others in work zones. Many truckers drive fatigued, and the results can be catastrophic. Additionally, the road conditions in a work zone are often dangerous. This may be due to rough, bumpy roads, debris left in the roadway, or construction equipment, signs and cones.

There are numerous steps drivers can take to protect themselves and others from serious injury in a work zone, states the Georgia Department of Driver Services. These include:

  • Reducing speed to the posted work zone speed limits
  • Following flagger directions and paying attention to road signs
  • Being aware of upcoming lane changes or slowed traffic
  • Understanding that an unexpected situation can occur at any time

Even with the best driving habits, it’s impossible to predict a crash or to prevent others from driving unsafely. A personal injury attorney can help after a work zone crash that was caused by someone else’s actions.

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