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Teen Drivers Learn Dangers Of Distracted Driving In Test Drive

Most of us have heard many stories in the news about the serious potential consequences of distracted driving. As smart phones have become more and more common in Atlanta, we often see other motorists chatting away, texting, checking social media sites — anything but keeping both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, where they belong. Many experts consider distracted driving to be about as dangerous as driving drunk.

Teenagers are among the most frequent committers of distracted driving. It is important that new drivers learn not to use their phones while on the road. Instructors can warn against distracted driving in class, but for many Georgia teens, it is easier to learn by doing.

That was probably the thinking behind a recent test drive at a racetrack in another state. Seven driving students, all high school- and college-aged, participated in the drills, which allowed them to drive and use their phones in a controlled setting so they can feel how doing so reduces their ability to drive safely.

The participants each took a turn getting into a car with an instructor and driving around the track. They did the course once while using their phones, changing the radio station or the air conditioning and once totally focused on driving. They were instructed to make lane changes and other maneuvers. At the end, the instructors graded the students on their driving during each section of the experiment.

Many drivers use their cell phone on the road because they believe they are the exception to the rule. Hopefully, the results will hammer home the point that no one is immune to the negative effects of distracted driving.

Source: KTVU-TV, “Students explore dangers of distracted driving at Sonoma Raceway,” Oct. 23, 2012

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