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Man Suffers Injuries On Crumbling Sidewalk; Sues City

In the city of Atlanta, home and business owners are responsible for keeping their property in good repair and in reasonably safe condition. This includes making sure that sidewalks and driveways where the general public walk are free from defects and potential hazardous conditions. If a person should trip and fall or have an accident on the property because of a safety hazard, the owner may be held liable for that person’s injuries. This is also true of property owned by the city of Atlanta. In events where people hurt themselves on city property and the city is found to have been negligent, those people may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

A man has filed a premises liability lawsuit against a city after suffering severe injuries on a hazardous section of sidewalk. The city answered the lawsuit by saying that the property owner is responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalk in question. The man has since added the property owners to his complaint, saying that they did not provide a safe way to walk on their sidewalk and did not exercise reasonable care. The man says that he was getting out of his car and attempting to step onto the curb when the sidewalk collapsed underneath him.

This man has the right to believe that the city’s sidewalks are safe places to walk. Because of the negligence of the city or property owner, he suffered injuries. Hopefully his lawsuit will enable him to be properly compensated for his pain and suffering and any medical bills.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, 

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