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Is Texting And Driving A Major Issue In Georgia?

If you have driven through Atlanta recently, you have probably noticed that cell phones are a popular accessory for many motorists. In fact, you may even find yourself talking on the phone or texting while driving now and then. As a car accident victim, however, you are also too familiar with just how damaging distracted driving practices can be. Texting while driving and other types of driving distractions cause a huge number of accident injuries and fatalities every year, and are a serious problem in the state.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Georgia drivers are among the most distracted motorists across the country. The results of one study estimated that around 35 percent of Atlanta motorists drive while using their cell phones. It is also believed that almost 40 percent of drivers in the state send text messages from behind the wheel, ranking Georgia as the third highest state for texting-while-driving incidents.

Texting-while-driving accident incident rates in Georgia are not known exactly, but evidence suggests that such distracted driving practices are responsible for a large percentage of avoidable injuries and deaths. Driving distractions contribute to around 80 percent of car accident incidents every year. Especially concerning, perhaps, is the fact that young and inexperienced drivers are especially prone to using their cell phones and other similar devices while driving.

Such statistics support claims that you and other motorists are incredibly vulnerable injuries and damages caused by distracted driving. However, the information provided above may not apply to your specific personal injury case.

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