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Is An Accident Reconstruction Helpful To Your Case?

A lot of car accidents are pretty straightforward. A car runs a red light and slams into you, or a drunk driver veers into oncoming traffic and hits you head-on. While there are a certainly some legal nuances in these cases that are best handled by an attorney, the facts are pretty simple to understand and it’s easy to see how the accident occurred. Not all wrecks are so easy to decipher, though. In multi-vehicle accidents, for example, it can be hard to tell how the crash even occurred, let alone determine who is at fault. This is where an expert may be able to help support your personal injury claim.

What is an accident reconstruction?

One expert who might be able to support your claim is an individual who is skilled in accident reconstruction. These reconstructions use the law of physics to analyze a set of facts to determine the exact cause of an accident and who is to blame for causing it. These investigations are quite thorough, analyzing everything from eyewitness accounts, police reports, vehicle resting positions, tire marks, speed limits, road conditions, and weather conditions.

What accident reconstruction can do for you

Once an accident reconstruction investigation is complete, a final report is generated that you can use in your preparation for litigation. It’s strong evidence that is likely to be persuasive to a jury. This report can also serve as a strong bargaining chip for negotiations, too. You can come across more confident in your position and even increase the likelihood that you’ll recover the full extent of your damages. Just be prepared for the other side to have its own expert who will try to contradict your expert’s report.

Combating the opposing expert’s report

When dealing with the defense’s expert, there are certain things that you can do to minimize the impact of their testimony and better protect your claim. For example, carefully consider how many reconstructions they have actually conducted. Sometimes the individuals who perform these investigations extrapolate the number of reconstructions completed by their employer to give a false perception of their individual level of experience. Point this out to the jury when your case gets to trial.

You might also be able to attack the defense expert’s credibility in other ways, too. For example, your own expert might be able to help you spot deficiencies in the defense’s report that jeopardize the validity of the defense’s findings. Locating these issues and highlight them with your expert and statistics can severely hinder the defense’s case.

Build the holistic personal injury claim you deserve

An accident reconstruction is just one part of a personal injury claim, and even that can have it’s own legal challenges that you need to confront. To increase the possibility of reaching a favorable outcome, you need to be fully prepared. This means knowing the facts at hand, the laws in play, and how you can use the law to your advantage. It’s not as easy of a task as it may seem, and even a seemingly minor error can threaten to derail your case. That’s why a lot of people who have been injured in a car accident choose to work closely with a skilled legal advocate.

So, if you’d like to ensure that you’ve maximized your chances of succeeding on your personal injury claim, then now may be the time to sit down with a legal team that has a proven track record of success in this area of the law to discuss your case.

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