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Internal Bleeding After A Car Accident Can Have Serious Effects

Car accidents can cause those involved to suffer serious trauma. The type of trauma that a person experiences can depend on the circumstances of the accident, but serious injuries often result from vehicle collisions. While you may have hoped that you would always travel the roads and stay out of harm’s way, you were not so fortunate as to go your entire life without an accident.

In fact, you recently found yourself involved in a crash caused by another person, and you suffered severe injuries as a result. Unfortunately, blunt force trauma you experienced in the accident resulted in internal bleeding.

What causes internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding can result from either blunt force trauma or penetrating trauma. In your case, the car crash likely flung your body around inside your vehicle to some degree, even though you wore your seatbelt. You may have struck the door of your vehicle or even your steering wheel during the collision. This trauma likely resulted in internal blood vessels tearing or suffering crushing damage.

Where can internal bleeding occur?

Internal bleeding could essentially occur anywhere in the body. However, internal bleeding can pose greater health threats when it occurs in specific areas, such as:

  • Around the lungs
  • In the skull or on the brain
  • The abdomen due to lacerations or perforations of organs
  • Around the heart

Due to the severity of internal bleeding of any kind, it is necessary to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. After your car accident, someone likely called emergency crews to the scene, and EMS workers probably transported you to an area hospital.

Lasting effects

Though you received medical attention immediately after the accident, you likely had to go through various tests and procedures in order for doctors to address the injuries. You may even have had to undergo surgery to remove your spleen or repair another organ if the internal bleeding resulted from damage to an organ. Unfortunately, such surgical procedures can have lasting effects on your life and take considerable time to recover from.

Now, you likely want to focus on your recovery and work on getting your life back on track. Of course, the burdens of medical bills, lost wages from time off work and other damages likely have you feeling stressed and uncertain. Fortunately, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for your accident. This type of civil legal action could allow you to pursue compensation for damages allowable under Georgia law.

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