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Driver Under Investigation In Accident With Multiple Casualties

The damages from car accidents in Atlanta aren’t always limited to just the cars. Thousands people are treated in hospital emergency rooms annually for injuries related to car accidents. Many of those injuries are severe and can even lead to the loss of life. Often, the injured aren’t the ones at fault, but are instead the victims of the recklessness or bad judgment of someone else. Those responsible may not only face serious consequences, but also will have to live with the knowledge of the damages their actions caused.

The driver of a pickup and his passenger died in Gainesville after allegedly turning left in front of a semi, according to law enforcement. That fatal collision caused a chain reaction that involved four vehicles, resulting in injuries to six people and the death of a third person.

With the death of the driver who may have caused the accident, it may be difficult for investigators to determine the factors that led to the crash, such as whether the driver was distracted and did not see the tractor-trailer or whether he simply thought he could beat the semi. The injured victims are expected to be alright; one victim was kept at the hospital while the other five were allowed to leave after receiving treatment.

Anyone injured in a car accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. If getting that compensation means taking the other party or their insurance company to court, one might want to consider hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for his or her interests.

Source: MyFoxAtlanta, “3 killed in multi-vehicle crash on Hwy. 365 in Gainesville,” Marc Teichner, July 12, 2013

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