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Decatur Woman Killed By Oncoming Car After Car Accident

It can be a difficult job for law enforcement to determine who was at fault in an accident that injures or kills someone, particularly if multiple vehicles were involved. The vast majority of accidents are unintentional, but it’s an unfortunate fact that if an accident was the result of driver error, the one at fault must be held accountable. When a car crash causes serious injury or death, the victims or their families will probably want to receive compensation for their medical expenses.

A recent three-car accident may prove difficult for police to determine fault, since the 52-year-old woman who initially struck another vehicle was killed after she got out of her car. A State Patrol spokesman described how the Decatur woman hit another car as she was turning left off Camp Creek Parkway, pushing the other vehicle off the road. She left her car to see if the other driver was all right, and was hit and killed by an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that was hit suffered injury and was hospitalized in unknown condition.

Because the first driver was killed, it may be a challenge for authorities to figure out who, if anyone, should be held responsible for the medical expenses of the driver who was injured. Also, the family of the woman who was killed may seek some sort of recompense from the driver who hit her.

In complicated cases that involve multiple people who might be held liable – or who are unable to face charges because they were incapacitated or didn’t survive the car collision – those seeking compensation for damages will most likely need the services of a personal injury attorney.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ” Fatal pedestrian accident on Camp Creek Parkway,” Mike Morris, Mar. 11, 2013

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