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Clubhouse Deck Collapses, Sending Many To The Hospital

A deck can be a great place to enjoy a morning or afternoon outside in Atlanta. Many people who venture out on a deck likely don’t think twice about its stability or it being a threat to their safety. However, according to the North American Deck and Railing Association, an increase in the amount of decks that have failed is cause for concern. An accident that involved a deck collapsing recently highlights the dangers faulty decks can pose.

The accident occurred three days before Christmas at a clubhouse in Indiana. A family had gathered for a Christmas party and were joining together on the deck for a group photo when the floor of the deck gave way. The deck was situated 15 feet off the ground, causing those who were near the railing at the time to sustain the brunt of the impact. Twenty-four people were on the deck when it fell and many were injured and required hospitalization. The family says that there are three people who are still unable to walk at this time.

One of the emergency workers who responded at the scene had a wife and daughter who were involved in the accident. He argues with those who call the incident a freak accident and feel that the deck would have collapsed sooner or later.

The family has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the deck and the homeowner’s association that runs the clubhouse. They hope to be able to raise awareness about deck safety.

Source: 14 News, “Family hopes deck collapse video will educate about potential deck dangers,” Eric Flack, Feb. 24, 2014

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