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Can Long-term Health Effects Result From A Concussion?

If you were injured in a car crash or hit your head in a slip-and-fall accident on an icy day during one of Atlanta’s recent storms, you might want to think twice about that bump on your head. New research has shown that even a mild concussion can leave people with long-lasting effects.

How can a small bump on the head result in long-term complications? According to WebMD, a study done by the Mind Research Network in New Mexico revealed that the brains of people who had suffered from concussions continued to show abnormalities several months after the head injury, even when their physical symptoms had reduced or disappeared.

Concussions are common injuries that can result from a variety of accidents, from merely having something heavy fall out of a cabinet at work, to playing sports or being in a mild fender bender. The symptoms of a concussion include confusion, headaches, blurred vision and difficulty sleeping. Most or all of these symptoms tend to subside a few weeks or months after a mild to moderate concussion, but the study’s results indicate that even a small injury can be significant.

You may start to feel better physically anywhere between one to two weeks after a mild concussion, but the study’s findings suggest that you might need even more time to heal. If you walked away from a car accident with nothing more serious than a bruise on the head, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor about the possible long-term complications.

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