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Busting Numerous Drunk Driving Myths

You and your family are likely enjoying the holiday season, perhaps traveling to see relatives and friends a bit more than usual. This means you’re no doubt going to encounter some dangerous situations on Georgia roadways, especially if distracted or drunk drivers are in your midst. Those who disregard traffic laws and regulations by getting behind the wheel to drive while under the influence of alcohol are menaces to all motorists and pedestrians.

The problem is that many people misguidedly believe certain myths and falsehoods about drunk driving. It’s important to make sure you obtain information from legitimate sources and that you clearly understand the possible ramifications of driving under the influence. It’s also important to know your rights and how to protect them if a drunk driver hits you.

Type of alcohol is irrelevant

One of the first myths you’ll want to bust when your goal is to avoid drunk driving is that certain types of alcohol are less likely to make you drunk. The fact is that any kind of alcohol can cause intoxication. Various factors, such as the amount you drink and how your body processes alcohol and reacts to it, determine how much alcohol it takes to make you drunk.

In Georgia and most other states, if your blood alcohol content is .08% or higher, the law prohibits you from operating a motor vehicle. In certain circumstances, such as if you’re under the legal drinking age or you’re a commercial vehicle driver, other rules and restrictions may apply.

Coffee and cold showers will not induce sobriety

You might be one of many Georgia residents who drink coffee to increase alertness or energy. Many people claim caffeine has these effects on them. However, just as many people mistakenly believe that drinking coffee or taking a cold shower can sober them up if they’ve been drinking alcohol and want to drive a car.

This is definitely not true. Cold water or coffee might make you feel more awake in the moment, but it cannot eliminate alcohol from your bloodstream.

If you fall victim to a drunk driver

Sadly, as every hour passes, at least one person dies in a drunk driving accident. If you survive injuries that a drunk driver has caused, you may have to endure a long, arduous recovery. Some injuries are so severe that a recovering victim is never able to return to work and must hire care providers for daily living assistance.

When another person’s negligence or reckless behavior behind the wheel causes you economic, emotional or physical damages, you have options through the civil justice system to seek financial recovery for your losses.

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