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4 Killed In Multi-car Accident In Georgia

It is certainly not uncommon to hear about car accidents between two or three cars on Fulton County highways, but every once and a while, a serious collision occurs that involves more than a handful of cars. These types of crashes can be potentially life-threatening because of the number of people involved and the amount of emergency personnel needed to take care of the victims.

This was the case for a multi-car accident that occurred recently in Georgia. It is believed to have involved a total of eight vehicles, two of which were damaged extensively. Four people were killed including an 82-year-old man and a three year-old girl and her grandparents.

The fatal accident happened in the southbound lanes of I-75 when a car crashed into another automobile that was stopped partly in the far left lane. The stopped car had blown a tire and hit the retaining wall. Traffic was backed up on the freeway while one of the passengers was taken via helicopter to the hospital.

A truck driver who is suspected of being distracted evidently did not notice the backed up traffic and crashed into what appeared to be seven other vehicles that were stopped.

Those who were affected by the negligence of this truck driver, either by being injured themselves or having a loved one who died in the accident, may wish to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their case. They may be entitled to compensation for the damages done to their cars, any medical expenses they incurred or funeral costs.

Source: WCTV, “Victims Identified in Deadly Sunday Night Crash on I-75,” Winnie Wright, Aug. 11, 2014

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