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Georgia Man Launches Lawsuit Alleging Testosterone Heart Attack

Lawsuit alleges that manufacturer misled about potential side effects

A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Fortesta gel, a testosterone supplement, according to Lawyers and Settlements. The lawsuit alleges that the man suffered a heart attack linked to the use of the gel and that the manufacturer’s promotional material included misleading statements about the supplement’s side effects and benefits. The lawsuit is the latest development in a number of recent media stories concerning the safety of prescribed testosterone supplements.

Testosterone heart attack

The lawsuit states that the plaintiff suffered a heart attack after using Fortesta. The claim was made in a Pennsylvania court where Endo Pharmaceuticals, the company licensed to sell Fortesta in the U.S., is located. The lawsuit does not state when the defendant suffered the heart attack.

Both the defendant and his doctor claim that the manufacturer’s advertising concerning Fortesta was misleading. Specifically, the lawsuit states that the advertisements suggested that certain symptoms may be associated with low testosterone levels. Those symptoms included increased body fat, listlessness, and moodiness, which are all generic symptoms, the claim points out, that are easily attributable to aging, weight gain, or lifestyle choices. The advertisements often encouraged men to speak to their doctors about testosterone supplements. The lawsuit also claims that the marketing materials promoted low testosterone as a treatable disease and withheld potential side effects associated with the supplements.

Physicians call for greater safety

This latest lawsuit is hardly the first to raise concerns about the safety of testosterone supplementation. As the Los Angeles Times reports, many physicians are calling for greater safety controls and increased research surrounding testosterone use. Recent studies have claimed that there may be a link between testosterone supplements and an increased risk of heart attacks.

The concerns come amid an aggressive marketing campaign by many testosterone manufacturers to portray supplements as a way for men to enjoy greater health, vitality, and increased libido. Between 2000 and 2011, prescriptions for the supplements have grown into a $1.6 billion industry, representing a fivefold increase in the U.S. Lawsuits have also been filed against other testosterone gels, such as Axiron and AndroGel.

Product liability cases

As the above case shows, manufacturers may put members of the public at risk if they market their products in such a way that conceals or misleads about potential dangers. When those products include medical promises then the consequences to a person’s health can be dire.

Anybody who is the victim of a defective product or a dangerously misleading advertising campaign by a manufacturer should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help a client through the legal system and can help give the client some idea as to whether compensation can be pursued against any negligent parties.