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Are You Prepared For The Springtime Surge In Car Accidents?

Tens of thousands of auto accidents happen because of spring showers each year.

The annual event of “April showers” doesn’t just result in “May flowers” anymore. This rain-soaked time of the year can also yield slippery road surfaces, wet piles of long-ago-fallen leaves, puddles, standing pools of water, potholes/roadway damage, flooding and other issues that can cause car accidents resulting in serious injury or even death for many unlucky Georgia motorists.

Preexisting traffic issues complicated by rain

We all know that our daily commute can be dangerous simply because of the inattentiveness and recklessness of fellow drivers, in particular those who decide to hit the roadways while:

  • Intoxicated/under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Talking or texting on handheld or hands-free cellphones
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reading maps or GPS systems
  • Surfing the web or updating social networks
  • Emailing

The irresponsibility of other drivers, something that will, by itself, raise the risk of injury-causing or fatal car crashes is, unfortunately, magnified by outside influences like weather and roadway conditions. This is also true of those drivers who fail to adequately maintain their vehicles with well-functioning brakes, operable transmission systems, properly inflated tires that have adequate traction and functional wiper blades.

Accidents may happen, despite your best efforts

According to data provided by the American Automobile Association (AAA), rain-related car accidents total more than 1.2 million annually, and many of them happen in the relatively short springtime “rainy” season. At this time of the year, it is extremely important that everyone on the road remember key driving safety rules. A pounding rain – common when those “April showers” are in full swing – can dramatically impact visibility, shortening the time during which a driver can react to stopped traffic or obstructions up ahead unless he or she has allowed adequate distance.

In addition, even after the rain slows or ends, there can be flooded conditions that can obscure hidden dangers like deep potholes or cracked pavement, or fast-running water that appears to be shallow but is actually deep enough to sweep a car right off the road in a matter of minutes. By avoiding standing water on the roadway, especially it if is deep enough that authorities have taken action to secure the area (by blocking the road with signs or sawhorses, for example), you can save not only your own life, but that of someone who would otherwise be tasked with attempting to rescue you.

Even with your best efforts and intentions, however, accidents can still happen because of the negligence, irresponsibility and recklessness of others on the road. If you have been injured – or you have tragically lost a loved one – in a Georgia car crash, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Atlanta office of Garland, Samuel and Loeb. You can reach them online or by calling 877-650-0825.

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